The ABC/Peter Jenning's Special on the JFK Assassination:

A Repeat of Discredited Lone-Gunman Arguments

Michael T. Griffith, 2003

I've received many e-mails asking me about the Peter Jenning's special on the John F. Kennedy assassination on ABC. Basically, the program did little else but offer a rehash of old, discredited lone-gunman arguments. The special essentially ignored the mass of new evidence that has come from the files that were released by the Assassination Records Review Board in the 1990s. It also ignored the work of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) regarding Jack Ruby, his Mafia ties, and his suspicious actions before and after the assassination.  The program relied heavily on the spurious computer animations of Dale Myers and on the biased, problematic research of Gus Russo and Gerald Posner. Even people who knew little of the JFK case when they watched the show have commented to me that it was obvious from the outset that the program was very one-sided.

I would recommend that anyone who has viewed or will view the ABC special take the time to read the following articles, which I have arranged by subject matter:

Problems With the Research of Gus Russo, Dale Myers, and Gerald Posner

As mentioned, the ABC special relied heavily on the research of Russo, Myers, and Posner. As just one example of the problems with these men's work, Myers' computer simulation of the single-bullet theory ignores the fact that Kennedy's neck tie had no hole through it, only a nick, and that the nick in the tie knot was not on either edge of the knot. If a bullet caused the slits in the front of Kennedy's shirt, as the single-bullet theory claims, then that bullet could not possibly have been traveling in the required trajectory because it would have had to completely miss the tie.

Did Oswald Shoot Tippit? A Review of Dale Myers' Book With Malice

Errors and Omissions in Gus Russo's Book Live By the Sword

Hasty Judgment: A Reply to Gerald Posner's Book Case Closed

Medical Evidence of Shots From the Front

There is growing evidence of a shot from the front, but the ABC program ignored this evidence.

The Head Shot from the Front

Forensic Science and President Kennedy's Head Wounds

The Large Wound in the Back of President Kennedy's Head: More Evidence of a Shot from the Front

Oswald's Shooting Ability and the Alleged Shooting Feat

The Peter Jenning's special repeated the claim that Oswald was capable of doing the shooting and that the shooting feat would not have been that difficult.

Was Oswald A Poor Shot?

How Long Would the Alleged Lone Gunman Have Had to Fire?

The Acoustical Evidence of A Shot From the Grassy Knoll

The ABC special attempted to discredit the acoustical evidence that was developed by the HSCA. These articles present some of the evidence that supports the HSCA's findings on the acoustical evidence.

The HSCA's Acoustical Evidence: Proof of a Second Gunman?

Hear No Evil: The Acoustical Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination

A Response to the Court TV/Sensimetrics Attack on the Acoustical Evidence

New Evidence From Released Files

Peter Jennings said virtually nothing about the new evidence of conspiracy that has come from recently released assassination-related files.

Historic New Evidence in the JFK Assassination

The Warren Commission, the Lone-Gunman Theory, and the Single-Bullet Theory

Incredibly, the ABC program defended the work and findings of the Warren Commission, in spite of the massive evidence against the commission's claims and credibility.

The Warren Commission's Failed Investigation

Ten Reasons I Reject the Single-Bullet Theory

Weak Points in the Lone-Gunman Theory

Jack Ruby, the Mafia, and the Shooting of Oswald

The ABC special failed to deal with the wealth of evidence that Jack Ruby had considerable Mafia ties, that he engaged in highly suspicious activity before and after the assassination, and that he killed Oswald in order to silence him.

Some Comments on John McAdams' Kennedy Assassination Home Page

The HSCA on Jack Ruby's Mafia Links

The Case for Conspiracy

Physical Evidence of Conspiracy in the JFK Assassination

Just the Facts: Established Facts About the JFK Assassination that Point to Conspiracy

The Wounding of James Tague: Evidence of a Second Gunman in the JFK Assassination

The Conclusions and Research of the House Select Committee on Assassinations: Whose Side Do They Support?


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