Was Lincoln a Conservative?

Abraham Lincoln: Freethinker, Soldier, and Martyr

In Defense of Abraham Lincoln

Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln's Faith in God

Inaugural Speech of Abraham Lincoln

Reading Karl Marx with Abraham Lincoln

James Eppersonís Critique of DiLorenzoís Book The Real Lincoln

A Defense of DiLorenzo and a Reply to Epperson

Whitehouse.gov Article on Abraham Lincoln

Dishonest About Abe: A Review of The Real Lincoln

DiLorenzo and His Critics on the Lincoln Myth

Wikipedia Article on Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, the American Founding, and the Principles of the Republican Party 

Harry Jaffa's Defense of Abraham Lincoln

Critique of Harry Jaffa's Defense of Lincoln 

The Imaginary Abe

Abraham Lincolnís Classroom

A Critical Review of Team of Rivals and a Look at Doris Kearns Goodwinís Scholarship

Still More Trouble for the Lincoln Cartel

The Unreal Lincoln

Lincoln and Big Government

Lincoln, the Republicans, and European Communists

Mr. Lincoln The Socialist

A Family History Provides More Evidence that Lincoln was Gay

British Newspaper Review of Spielbergís Movie Lincoln

Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincolnís White Dream

An Analysis of President Lincolnís Legal Arguments Against Secession

Was Abraham Lincoln A Hero?

Other Links of Interest on Lincoln

Keeping Lincoln's Secrets (Part 2)

Lincolnís Great Depression

Abraham Lincolnís Humanistic Religious Beliefs

Lincoln Assassination Cover-Up (an Unsolved Mysteries episode that includes evidence that John Wilkes Booth was not killed but escaped and lived until 1903; hereís a written summary of the evidence in the video)

Evidence that Lincolnís Assassin was Not Killed

Interview with Dr. Arthur Ben Chitty on Lincolnís Assassination, Part 1

Interview with Dr. Arthur Ben Chitty on Lincolnís Assassination, Part 2


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