EDF Names Journalist Eric 普利 as SVP, Strategy and Communications



Tony Kreindler,202-445-8108, [email protected]

(纽约– 2011年4月18日) 环保基金 (EDF) has named Eric 普利, the deputy editor of Bloomberg Businessweek and author of an acclaimed 2010 book about the politics of climate change, as its Senior Vice 总统 for Strategy and Communications. He will work with program staff throughout the organization to develop and implement strategies to achieve its environmental advocacy goals, with a special emphasis on finding new ways to break through the partisan gridlock on climate action.

A well-known writer and commentator on climate and clean energy issues, Mr. 普利 has served as managing editor of Fortune, editor of Time Europe, and national editor, chief political correspondent, and White House correspondent for Time. He chronicled the struggle to pass federal carbon legislation in The Climate War (Hyperion, 2010), which former 总统 Bill Clinton hailed as “a riveting tale” and “the very first account of the epic American campaign to get serious about global warming.” The book focuses in part on the National Climate Campaign at EDF.

法国电力公司总裁说:“埃里克显然是加入美国环境运动的最有成就的新闻工作者和传播者之一。” 弗雷德·克虏伯。 “在我们重新思考我们的方法并寻找新的方式与各个政治领域的人们联系时,他的独特视角—作为气候变化,商业和媒体方面的专家—将是无价的资产。”

“EDF is a special place,” said 普利. “I got to know its people while reporting my book and was frankly inspired by their passion, commitment, and ideas. But let’坦率地说:法国电力公司及其盟友未能集会该国以支持最新的气候法案。我们必须做得更好。我不’声称拥有所有答案,但我’我决心帮助他们。”

普利’的工作获得了许多新闻界的荣誉,包括杰拉尔德·R·福特总统杰出报告奖和国家杂志时间奖。’关于2001年9月11日恐怖袭击的特刊。他在哈佛大学研究了气候问题的新闻报道’是肯尼迪政府学院的一员,他于2008年在Shorenstein新闻,政治和公共政策中心任教。他曾出现在Nightline,Charlie Rose,Frontline,CBS晚间新闻,NBC Nightly News,Anderson Cooper 360,All Things Thoughtd和许多其他节目中。他以优异的成绩从布朗大学毕业,现与妻子和两个女儿住在纽约。